Friday, May 12, 2017

GlassesShop Review

Hello lovelies!!

You all may rarely see me in glasses because whenever I'm out, I choose to wear my contacts. But 90% of the time, I'm at home with my glasses on; because honestly, truly NO ONE has time for that. ESPECIALLY one who is a mom to three little rugrats---I mean kids. And I don't know about you, but I've pretty much always dreaded wearing glasses. When I was younger, we were poor and couldn't afford much, especially not a pair of frames and expensive lenses. So when it came to choosing frames, we didn't get the best options. Ultimately, I was stuck with a pair of glasses I hated and never wanted to wear. Plus, it was SO uncool to wear glasses in elementary school anyway.
So, as an adult, I've always tried to pick a really nice pair of frames that I wouldn't be ashamed to wear in public.

I was in desperate need of a pair of prescription glasses because my children had scratched the life out of my old pair and stretched them out (note to self: hide your glasses from your kids). I was happy to be able to receive a pair of glasses frames from a website called They have some of the cutest glasses ever and even offer prescription sunglasses. Personally, I always found it frustrating that I couldn't wear regular sunglasses because I only wore glasses and therefore didn't want to sacrifice my ability to see just to look cute. Of course, as I mentioned I wear contacts now, but there are lot of people who choose not to wear contacts. The choice of prescription sunglasses offered by has me wanting a pair!

I ended up choosing a large square frame (which is my absolute fave) in the style Morehead Rectangle in the color blue. I chose blue because I wanted something a bit different from the typical black (too harsh) and brown. These were perfect! And did I mention the frames are only $30?? A steal! The frames are durable and super stylish (and completely affordable!)

Head over to and use the code GSHOT50 to receive 50% off your first pair of glasses! 

This review was sponsored by All opinions expressed are my own.  

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Review

Hello lovelies!

Just a little update: I have had baby #3! He is healthy and beautiful and I am loving my three boys. 

That being said, the hunt for a vehicle that will comfortably hold my family of five is REAL. Now I have to admit, this SUV was more for myself than anyone else. It is a bit on the smaller side but it certainly packs a punch. 

When I first got in this beauty I noticed the massive panoramic glass roof. I mean, how could you not?! The addition of this roof (which does not open) helped to give the truck the feeling of being more spacious. When I drove the car, it began raining and I couldn't help but feel like I was in an Herbal Essences commercial in a rain forest (too much? fine.). But seriously, this glass roof alone had me, and my three-year-old son, swooning.
Just LOOK at this roof!

I've previously had the pleasure of reviewing the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander GT and the two trucks are obviously quite similar with the exception of the Sport being a bit more compact in size. Unfortunately, I didn't get much road time due to the fact that I had my son just a few days later after receiving the car (womp). But the times that I did take it out for a spin, I was quite impressed. 

 I absolutely fell in love with the black leather interior and the white exterior. I'm typically not the biggest fan of white cars/trucks, but this one won me over. While this truck isn't ideal for families of five like myself, it is perfect for those who are wanting to tip toe into the world of trucks. The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is the perfect vehicle for zipping around the city. The truck drives with ease, allows for hands-free phone usage, has rear view parking assist, and is pretty good on gas (24 city/30 highway). Sounds like an ideal truck for the mom/dad on the go! Can't beat the cost either; the truck comes in at just under $20k! Perrrrrrr-fection!

Trunk space! 
What features would your ideal truck have? I'd love to know! Comment below! Be sure to check out the Mitsubishi website for more info on the Outlander Sport as well as their other top-rated vehicles. 

 I was provided the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport to test for a week free of charge for review purposes. All opinions expressed here are my own. 


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Mommy of Three + 2016 Toyota Highlander XLE Review

Knock, knock.

Are you all still there?? Phew, okay. 

Let me begin by saying, Happy New Year! 2016 has been eventful, to say the least. Let's face it, I think we can all let out a sigh of relief at the closing of 2016. A lot has happened since we last spoke. February 2016, I quit my job as an educator due to extreme stress (best thing I ever did), I began baking at a local bakery and fell even more in love with creating delicacies, I dealt with the loss of my 26-year old brother in August (not quite ready to talk about that yet), I have since become a full-time stay-at-home mom to my two boys, annnnnnnnnnnnnd I am expecting a third baby boy in SIX WHOLE DAYS!!! 

I can go more into depth about the other events if you all wish, but right now I will tackle the "one" huge elephant in the room (I know unloaded a lot on you): my pregnancy.

Outfit Deets: Dress: Target// Boots: JustFab// Headwrap: H&M (old)

As stated above, I am currently 39 weeks pregnant as of today. How am I feeling, you ask? Well, imagine chasing, breaking up fights, feeding, bathing, transporting, playing, and loving two boys ages 3 and 6...all while feeling like a whale. THAT'S how I'm feeling. Now that you have that image in mind, I can assure you that I am extremely excited to welcome my new baby boy to all of this chaos called motherhood.

I know you're probably thinking "Mother to THREE boys?! I could never!" Well, I'm pretty darn happy about the thought of a third boy joining the clan. He should fit in seamlessly (in my dreams, right?). It's not the thought of three boys that gives me the heebie-jeebies. It's the thought of having three children under the age of 6 that makes me want to pack my bags and leave them to their dad (bad joke).  Although, I've heard from moms of three and more that after the second child you don't mind the third, fourth, fifth---okay, maybe not fifth, but you get the idea.

My 6-year old, Jacob
I know I personally have trouble dividing attention equally between my sons and having to split it among three?! Help. Me. And let's not speak on the totally different personalities. My 6 year old is sweet, well-mannered, a bit of a smart ass, and super sensitive. My 3 year old wanted to really test my motherhood skills and decided to be a daredevil with the worst attitude but who, in the same breath, will hug you tightly while whispering how much he loves you.  I don't know whether to cry tears of anger or joy; so I suppress said tears.

My 3-year old, Jackson
Not only does the addition of a third conjure up the thought of possible personality traits and potential chaos, but it will also have you desperately seeking out double/triple strollers, car seats, and bigger cars (okay, trucks). I currently drive an Acura 3.2 TL, so you can imagine my panic when thinking about three car seats packed tightly across my backseat. NOT. HAPPENING. 

Insert tons of Google images of trucks with third rows (I refuse to own a minivan #sorrynotsorry).

Fortunately, I got the opportunity to review the 2016 Toyota Highlander XLE AWD in August of 2016 and I immediately thought of the spacious third row that it featured. It was time for our annual vacation to Michigan so we really got to test out it's "roominess" when piling in all of our suitcases, beach essentials, and, of course, children.

Simply lift the mat to reveal third row

I loved that the Toyota Highlander has the capability to play DVDs, so when the kids became restless (read: annoying) I put in Monster's University and let them lose themselves in the animation. Even better, you can make sure the sound is only in the back so parents don't have to be subjected to listening to yet another kid's movie (smart move, Toyota, smart move). 

The 8-seater Toyota Highlander XLE also features an impressive moonroof (can you say, fresh air?), built-in sun shades (genius), and a blind spot monitor (Life. Saver!) among other impressive features. I previously owned a Toyota Highlander (albeit 10 years ago) and I can speak to it's endurance and excellence as an SUV. I was more than pleased to be back in the newer version years later; it only improved with time. For this to be a large SUV, it drives like you're floating on air. I also totally appreciated the captain's chairs which allow for easy movement in the back area, so when you need to get back there and set your kid straight, errrr um, I mean check on them, you can do so with ease. 

Starting at $38, 775 (XLE model; there are less expensive options available) and boasting a cool 18 mpg city/ 24 mpg highway, the 2016 Toyota Highlander XLE is definitely a strong third row SUV contender. I will definitely be placing this at the top of my list when I finally decide to kick my old Acura to the curb (love you, baby). 

I was provided the 2016 Toyota Highlander XLE AWD courtesy of DriveShop to test for a week free of charge for review purposes. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

How to Style Up a Graphic Tee

Hello lovelies!

Please do not yell at me! I know I have been gone for a quite a long time. To be honest, I was extremely busy and stressed out due to my career so I was forced to take a hiatus. But, alas, I am here simply because I love you all too much to completely disappear :) 

On to the outfit!

When I saw this Straight From the Go t-shirt on Windy City Live and heard the backstory behind it, I knew I had to have it. I'm always down to rep my city and promote black entrepreneurs. The creator of the shirt is a high schooler; like, how awesome is that?! On top of supporting the t-shirt creator, I also supported a local boutique called Belle Up which is the cutest boutique ever! And, once again, it is owned by a young black woman. Gotta support our own, right?! 

I have been tying a plaid shirt around my waist quite a bit lately and I'm not sure why but it has become my "thing". It was pretty chilly so I threw on my favorite knee high boots and for a crisp look I paired the shirt with my white jeans. 

I felt really edgy chic, as a friend perfectly put it, and to top it all off I added my favorite hat and my Flight jacket from yet another local brand, PRSVR.

Just a few items can take a t-shirt from blah to aaaaaahhhh with little effort. You can easily jazz up a simple t-shirt with statement jewelry, but being as how I'm not much of a jewelry person I like to add a hat for edginess. Last time I wore this outfit, I wore it with my favorite red Chuck Taylors for a casual look. It's really about adding in your personality to make your look unique. 


What are some things you add to style up your t-shirts? Comment below! 

Monday, August 10, 2015

2015 Mitsubishi Outlander GT Review

Hello lovelies!!

I was provided the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander GT to test for a week free of charge for review purposes. All opinions expressed here are my own.
I had the pleasure of driving this beautiful truck for my Michigan trip {read about the trip here}and what a pleasure it was. I typically drive a small Acura that is about 15 years old so you can imagine my glee when I was granted the opportunity to take this baby for a spin.

I grew up driving trucks so when I slipped into the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander GT it was quite nostalgic for me. I was instantly transported back to my teenage years when I would drive my mom's truck around the city.

My son and I played a game where we guessed what color the truck would be and my son lit up when he saw it was in his favorite color: red {Rally Red to be exact}. We immediately thought of an errand to run so we could secretly gauge the car's awesomeness, as my four year old would say.

When I reversed I noticed that a rear camera popped on to the screen letting me know when I needed to assess my driving skills and hit the brake. Again, coming from a gal who drives an ancient car, this feature made me all giddy inside.

I love to listen to tunes when I'm driving so I switched on the radio using the touch screen and flipped through the stations on Sirius XM radio.
I immediately noticed how smooth the car felt when driving and had to adjust to only having to lightly tap the breaks. It also accelerated with ease which is needed when weaving in and out of Chicago traffic {I promise I'm a responsible driver}.  After just 15 minutes in the car, I was beginning to fall in love.

When it came time to go on our road trip, the trunk space was much appreciated. Although the Mitsubishi boasts a third row option and we had 7 people traveling, we decided to forgo the extra travelers {and take a second car} and use the back for all of our traveling necessities. Trunk space is vital when you have two small children and a ton of clothes to be worn on vacation :)

As I mentioned earlier, music on the road is important. Never mind that our destination was only a little over an hour away, we need our tunes. So, I was pleased to see that we could sync our phones using the bluetooth option on the touch screen display. Not only could we listen to our curated playlists but we also had the option to answer the phone via bluetooth when those following us needed directions.
Lane Departure Warning button

The Outlander comes equipped with a Lane Departure Warning {LDW} system that alerts the driver when the car seems to be leaving the lane unintentionally. This feature is quite necessary because we all know how it is to be driving long distances and you feel yourself getting sleepy and you accidentally veer a little to the left or right. The LDW system will make a beeping noise alerting you to be more alert. {Sidenote: make sure you are well rested to avoid any possible accidents.}

 The truck also has four different driving modes including one for Snow and, as a Chicagoan, this mode is much appreciated. The other modes are AWC ECO, Normal, and Lock. I left the car in AWC ECO per the suggestion of the company. The modes can be changed using a button conveniently located by the gear shift.

Leather seats can be a shock to us in the winter time so luckily the seats are heated. Conversely, leather seats can be a shock in the summer time as well so I was eager to switch on the powerful A/C which took no time to cool off the truck.

Another awesome feature that I fortunately did not get the chance to test out {rain rain go away} was the rain-sensing windshield wiper. How freaking awesome is it for your vehicle to sense rain and automatically switch on the wipers?! One less thing for me to do as the driver.

The Mitsubishi Outlander GT takes the title of being the least expensive SUV on the market at just $22,000. Although the truck could use a bit more space for my liking, this truck is excellent for those on a budget looking for excellent features and even better gas mileage {this baby gets 23 miles to the gallon city & highway!}.

It's honestly perfect for those who may be intimidated by the monstrously sized SUVs but don't want to squeeze into a small car. Also, the automatic opening and closing trunk helps with those grocery shopping trips where your hands are full of bags and babies {Moms, you know what I'm talking about}. Read more about the Outlander's awesome features at!

My kids had truly become attached. Back to the Acura we go haha


Monday, August 3, 2015


Hey lovelies!!

Happy Monday! (I can still say that with actual glee because I don't start work until a few weeks from now!)

Last week my family and I took a vacation to New Buffalo, Michigan and we stayed in a beautiful house not far from the local beach. This was our second time taking this trip but this time we had another baby and also a different, bigger house.

Monday, July 27, 2015

A Lil' Bougie

Hello lovelies!!!

I am feeling excellent today!! I tried a new method on my hair {if you want deets, let me know} and I am extremely pleased with the results. I got so much volume and beautiful curls on the FIRST day! Us naturals know that is damn near unheard of!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Shirt Dress

Hello lovelies!!!!

As you can now see, I have a whole new face-well, my blog does anyway :) I haven't been crazy about my layout for a while now and I finally decided to do something about it. Let me know what you all think about my bloglift in the comments!

Monday, July 13, 2015


Hello lovelies!!!

 First of all, let me let out a long silent scream-------------------------------------okay, I'm done. I am so excited to be posting again you guys!!! I feel like so much has happened in the year {cringe} that I have been absent. I have finally graduated from college {woot woot!} and am now amongst the unemployed degree holders who maintains a permanent position in front of the television haha.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Unexpected

Hello lovelies!

So, how lucky am I to have such a wonderful photographer as a friend?! You've probably seen his work before in my Second Blog Birthday post. I have known Jeremy since high school and we are such close friends, so when it came time to work with him I was so at ease!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

HerStyle Media Health + Beauty Mixer Recap

Hello lovelies!!

So, my brother's girlfriend, Britney Turner of HerStyle Media, held her first event on August 10, 2014. She dubbed it the HerStyle Media Health + Beauty Mixer and it was such a hit! I am so proud of her; she is such a business woman and so motivated (at the tender age of 22!).

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Black Out

Hello my lovelies!

I am getting so excited because my 10-year high school reunion is tomorrow! I cannot believe that ten years have passed since walking across that stage and receiving my high school diploma. Even though social media keeps us all "current" on the happenings of others' lives, it's nothing like seeing those people in person. I hope to post pictures from my reunion weekend so that I can share them with you all!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Relaxed Fit

Hello lovelies!

I truly apologize for the lack of outfit posts! I'm in a wedding and I have been so busy planning events for the wedding; the past few weeks have been so jam packed.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bloggers Give Back ($200 PayPal Giveaway!)

Hello lovelies!!

So I have joined forces with other bloggers to bring you all an awesome giveaway! I'm sure we could all use some extra cash and this time we're giving you a chance to win $200 in PayPal cash! Do you know what I could do with $200?! (dreams of running into H&M and going crazy) Anywho, this isn't for me, it's for you all!

Here's a list of the lovely bloggers that I collaborated with:

This giveaway was spearheaded by the beautiful Dani Faust of Ok, Dani  so be sure to check out her awesome blog! (plus, she's a mama to some beautiful babies; BONUS!)

Complete the Rafflecopter below! The more entries you complete, the better your chances are of snagging 200 bucks, honey! Once completed, repost the giveaway image (found on my Instagram and Facebook pages) and use the hashtag #BloggersGiveBack Good luck!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Lauren K 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bare Face Campaign: Reflection

Hello lovelies!!

So, I am happy to say that I have completed my Bare Face Campaign! Ok, well to be honest, the campaign began on the 5th of June, so the real end date would be the 4th of July but I decided to end it a little sooner due to my style challenge (which starts today).

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hugged by Lo

Hello lovelies!

So I am bringing you two more stories! Hope you all enjoy and, remember, you guys can comment and give your input as well! Also, if you want to be "Hugged by Lo" you can send your story to


Brandy asks:

Hey Lauren,

I wanted to vent about my pregnancy and stress. Hopefully I will be able to be hugged by lo :)
So I'm 23 weeks pregnant, I work full time at a new job. At first it wasn't stressful, but now people are quitting left and right. I go to the dr a lot because my pregnancy is high risk from me having hypertension already. My bf's mom believes that I'm ungrateful because I don't smile all the time. She came over one evening after I had been out all day. Instead of keeping the visit short, the whole family stayed for like forever. I was already irritated too. Grrrr!!! Hell I didn't smile all the time before, didn't mean I wasn't happy. I really need a hug and a belly rub because everyone around me is nuts!


Hi, Brandy! Congratulations on your pregnancy! (once again :)) So glad you reached out and got to vent. Sometimes (read most times) we need to vent just so that we don't implode. Pregnancy should be a time where we as women feel our most beautiful. Instead, it's the time where our hormones are going haywire and sometimes we don't know whether we want to cry, sleep, or laugh hysterically. Working full time while pregnant can be very demanding on the body; especially one that is cultivating a human being. You mentioned that you visit the doctor a lot because of previous health issues and. as you already know, it is very important to maintain a healthy diet. When women find out they're pregnant, it's like an alert goes off saying we can now stuff whatever food we'd like in our mouths! Not. True. But, I'll save my lecture for another day; don't want to add to your stress :) Honestly though, if you eat well, you will find that you are energized and in a better mood overall. As far as your family (or boyfriend's family) goes, it is sometimes hard for others to understand what we're going through internally. Maybe you need to have a talk with your boyfriend's mother and let her know that you are feeling stressed out; she may be understanding (hopefully). When we're pregnant, we need all the support we can get. Pregnancy can be an emotional rollercoaster and it's best that those around you understand that and give you your space. I know it can be difficult, but just try and take a deep breath, exhale, and calm down. If that doesn't work, get outside; take a breather so that you can clear your mind. Also, sometimes it helped for me to think about my little bundle of joy all nestled in my tummy; almost immediately, a smile would spread across my face. In the meantime, I am giving you a huge hug AND a belly rub! Love you, Brandy! XOXO


Asia asks:

Hi Lauren,

I am really excited about this section of your blog. Mainly because I always have too much going on in my head. Let the Lol...
I am attempting to move to New York. I've been attempting this move for two months now. It seems as though nothing is working out. I know you are probably wondering why I would want to go to NY without any savings or a clear concise plan. Primarily because It takes forever for me to make a decision. And just when I make a decision, I can't stick to it because everything you can imagine starts happening. My original plan was to move to New York and transfer from my job at Saks to the Saks in NY but that didn't workout. You know what they say... "you wanna make God laugh, tell him your plans" Whats a girl to do? Can't a girl just go to New York, get an amazing job, and live happily ever after? Help!


Hello Asia! So glad you reached out! So, I have a similar story to tell. In 2008, after being out of school for four years, I decided (rashly) that I wanted to attend Florida A&M University, at the ripe old age of twenty-two. I had no plan, no financial aid, didn't know where I was living until the last minute, BUT I was dead-set on going. My family did not support me in this endeavor, which deeply hurt at the time, because I had no financial backing. To be honest, I was going on a hope and a prayer. Well, I went to FAMU despite my family's wishes and I enjoyed those three months (ha!). While I was loving the atmosphere and the new friends I was making, the time was approaching where I needed to figure out how I was going to pay for all of this. Most times, I was broke as hell, begging for folks to send me money and I was miserable inside. When my friends began to nestle in and discuss courses they were taking next semester, it hit me hard realizing that my "college days" were coming to an abrupt halt. While, I certainly don't regret attending FAMU, I do hate the fact that I wasn't smarter about how I got there. I wasn't thinking long term, at all. I am a very impulsive person and I don't tend to think about tomorrow, only today. God had a better plan for me though. I came back home, met my boyfriend in 2009, had two beautiful children, and continued my education in Chicago. While I do miss FAMU and wish that I could have finished, I know that wasn't my path. 

After saying all that, I want you to really sit down and evaluate things. Is it the best decision to hop up and just go to New York, just to potentially struggle? Or is it better to wait until you have saved enough money and you have secured a job there? Surely, I am not saying it is impossible to make it on a dollar and a dime. We hear stories everyday about how someone embarked on a new journey with little to nothing, and they made it work; often becoming successful. Also, I want you to think about what you will have to lose. When I left for FAMU, I had no children and no boyfriend; no real responsibility. Therefore, I felt as though it was a risk worth taking. Again, that is my personality, I am a risk taker for I believe it is the best way to live. I know that can sound somewhat contradictory, but if I have weighed my options and thought about what I've had to lose, then I take the risk after heavy evaluation. You only live once (YOLO), make it an interesting journey. If you have taken time and sat down to weigh the pros and the cons, and you find that the pros outweigh those damn cons, then take your ass to New York and live it up! You are young, ambitious, free, and a dreamer. You have to do these things while you have the chance. 

I truly wish you the best and I am here to support you whatever choice you make. I'm giving you a really tight hug and a slap on the butt! Love you, Asia XOXO

I must state once again that I am NOT a professional counselor or an expert in this field. I am just a person who would like to give general advice and words of encouragement to those who seek it. If professional help is needed, please contact the appropriate national help lines. If I feel that your story is one that needs professional help, I will suggest that you reach out to a help line and provide you with the appropriate contact information. Also, I am one person, so if submissions become overwhelming, please excuse me if it takes a while to post your story and a response.

Lauren K

Friday, June 27, 2014

Rich Kid Style Challenge (July)

Hello lovelies!

So, I'm always seeing these photo challenges on Instagram and they seem like so much fun. Then, I recently saw a style challenge created by Chandra of MoMoMod (More Modern Modesty, please check out her fashion blog; she's amazing!) and I got inspired to create one myself! It's funny that the thought to create a style challenge never occurred to me. Instead, I would always wait until I saw one and join in. Well, life is all about grabbing the reins right?! It took me quite a while to create this because, as I stated, I had never done anything like this before. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome and can't wait for day one!

So, I think you all aware that I have been running a Bare Face Campaign where I challenged myself, and others, to 30 days without makeup. I decided to stop the campaign a few days short (26 instead of 30) so that it will end on June 30th. So, it was only right that I started the style challenge off with my favorite lipstick hue: RED. I cannot wait to be able to wear my red lipstick again!

For the third day of the challenge, I chose Monochromatic. Meaning you must wear a look that features the same color palette. This can include an outfit made up of different shades of blue, black, white, etc.

For the fourth day of the challenge, I obviously chose Patriotic in celebration of Independence Day. While you do not have to be outfitted from head to toe in red, white, and blue, I would like for you to incorporate those colors.

For the 23rd day, I chose Braid which can be interpreted differently. It can be a braid in your hair or a braided piece of clothing (belt, bracelet, etc.)

The whole idea is to be creative; don't take the challenge too literally. Most of all, have fun with it! Don't let the challenge become a chore. If you feel as though you can't think of something that fits in with the theme of the day, don't worry yourself about it. There's always tomorrow :)

Rules: simply post the photo at the beginning of the challenge and use the hashtag #richkidstylechallenge and tag me in the photo (the photo will be on my Instagram) on the first day. After that, post your photos that match the theme of the day and always remember to use the hashtag. That way, I can see your awesome photos!

Hope you all enjoy! Toodles!

Lauren K

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hugged by Lo (First Series)

Hello lovelies!

So, as you all may know, I have started a new feature called Hugged by Lo (click on the link to read more about it). I have decided to feature a maximum of five (5) stories/questions that readers want to share, once a week. Today is the first day of the series and I have a few questions/stories to share with you all, thanks to my awesome readers! Also, feel free to comment below on any of the responses/questions. I won't be able to think of everything ;)


Hannah asks:

Hey there!
Congratulations on such a beautiful family. Can you please explain how in the blue hell you stayed so fine? Seriously.
I know you are pro breastfeeding but is that just it? So
1) do you have to eat anything in particular to keep milk flow and supply?
2) did you alter your diet?
3) are you working out? If so how?
4) in ref to the above what is your usual daily schedule? Breakfast,pump, run?


Hello, Hannah! I must first say thank you so much for the kind words!! In regards to how I "stayed so fine" lol, I would attribute my weight loss to the fact that I breastfeed. I wish that I could say I followed some strict diet and that I woke up and did a 45-minute workout every morning, but I can't. When I had my first son, who is now three years old, I was overweight (197 pounds) pre-pregnancy, and I went up to 231 pounds by the end of my pregnancy. I was never a really small girl (thanks boobs) but I knew that I had hit my heftiest weight and I didn't like the way I felt. After having my first son, I almost immediately got back down to my pre-pregnancy weight with no effort. But, I knew I wanted to lose more weight. It honestly took me a few months to get into gear, but in addition to breastfeeding, I began to go for really long walks, everyday. I walked for at least four miles around my neighborhood. I began to see the weight just peel away. I thought to myself that if I changed my diet as well, I would see even better results; so, I changed my eating habits. I began my diet (lifestyle change) by only drinking water, eating six small meals a day (three meals, three small snacks in between) and I ate every three hours. When I was only walking and not eating well, I lost twenty pounds. When I changed my eating habits, I lost an additional twenty pounds. I tried my best not to eat sweets and I also tried to stop eating after a certain hour; if I got hungry, I would eat an apple. I felt amazing in my new body! My breasts had gone down about three cup sizes and I could now shop in almost any store and be able to fit most, if not all, of the clothes. Then, I got pregnant again, less than a year after my weight loss. I was scared, honestly, because while others told me I would "snap back" I wasn't so sure. Well, I had my second son six months ago, and I did indeed pretty much "snap back". I still drink only water (other things are just too sweet for my taste, now) and I breastfeed. The reason why I keep mentioning breastfeeding is because it is scientifically proven that breastfeeding is not only beneficial for your baby, but it is beneficial to the mother as well. It helps your uterus contract so that it shrinks after having your baby and it also burns calories. It is said that a baby who is exclusively breastfed consumes 300-500 calories. How awesome is that?! I honestly have not gotten back into eating well, I've tried it and I just can't keep it up. What helped me the first time was using a calorie counting app called MyFitnessPal. It held me responsible for the calories I consumed and after a while, I began to memorize how many calories were in different foods. I am currently less than ten pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and being that I have yet to work out or change my eating habits, I'm pretty damn pleased. I hope to begin eating well again, because more than just being a certain size, I want to be healthy. Thank you for your question and I hope this helped! I also want to leave you with a big ol' hug! Love you, Hannah!

Oh, and to answer the question about taking anything to increase my milk supply, I do not. Thankfully, I have not had any problems producing milk. Also, when I was eating well, I made a lot of substitutions; mashed up avocado in place of mayonnaise, no yolk in my eggs, salsa on my sandwiches instead of mayonnaise, as well, using lettuce in place of bread, sometimes. For some, eating their favorite things in moderation works for them, but it didn't for me. If I have a piece of chocolate, I'm gonna want the whole damn bar. So, for me I had to choose healthier options that were just as yummy, if not yummi-er. 


Anonymous asks:

Can you give tips on how a woman can rebuild herself after an abusive relationship? I've had people ask me how it is that after an abusive marriage, I've managed to maintain such a positive outlook on life and overcome circumstances.


 Well, let me start by saying that I commend you for staying strong and overcoming your situation. Although, I was never in a long term abusive relationship, I have been in a very toxic relationship where abuse has occurred. I was dating someone for about seven months and I have to admit that early on I saw signs of anger issues. There were times where he would get so angry over the most trivial things. Case and point: I accident broke his oscillating fan and he proceeded to snatch the cord out of the outlet and angrily drag the fan down the hallway while mumbling curse words. While I thought his behavior was odd, I didn't make a point of it. Little things like this happened from time to time. I remember another time where I got upset at him and left his apartment and started walking. He pulled up in his car next to me and was shouting at me. I remember telling my cousin about the incident and how I could tell he had a temper; it was a bit unsettling. Then, on my birthday, something in him snapped. I can't quite remember what set him off (honestly, I could've chewed my gum and he would've gone off) but I had come back from seeing a friend and we started arguing. When I feel nervous, I tend to laugh, especially during times where laughter is not appropriate. Well, my laughter pissed him off, because he was having a serious moment, and next thing I know he had me pinned down on the bed, with his hands around my neck. Now, this man had roommates, and they were home at the time. The fact that he was "hemming me up" with other people present. scared the shit out of me. I could not believe this was happening to me. All of the women in my family were victims of abuse (some still are) and I swore to myself that I would never stand for that. I stormed out of the apartment, crying, and yelled at him out of disbelief and anger. I went on to enjoy my birthday like nothing ever happened. After that occurrence, I tried to ignore him; in my mind, it was over. Well, after he called me like crazy and said he wanted to meet up with me, I complied, like a fool. I met up with him, everything seemed okay, and we were back together. Things went okay after that but I was honestly always on edge. I, unfortunately, got pregnant a couple of months later and ended up having a miscarriage (a blessing in disguise). The final straw was when he went through my phone one night and found a friend's number (a male, of course). He proceeded to call the friend and when the friend answered, he lost it. He snapped my phone in half and threw it, I wore prescription glasses and he snatched those off as well and broke them in half. So, now I couldn't see and I couldn't call anyone. I was scared as hell! I knew he owned a gun and I saw him motion above his head (we were in the basement) and I was afraid he was going to pull that out; thankfully, that didn't happen. He kicked me out (it was about 2 am), I had no car, and I lived about a mile from his house; I was helpless. I left with one shoe (too scared to search for the other), no glasses, and no phone. I got about a block away and next thing I knew, he was in his car, right next to me. He wanted me to get in the car, I said no and we got loud. He got out of the car, grabbed my purse and hurled it on top of the neighborhood school. Fuck. Someone had called the police because we were so loud. I was extremely thankful because by that time, he had gone back in the house, and the police gave me a ride home. Needless to say, I was truly done with him this time. Plus, my family wasn't allowing anything different. They all wanted to kill him, understandably. That was by far the worst situation I have ever been in and I was so afraid to run into him anywhere. Luckily, he left me alone, so that made it much easier for me to move on.

After the relationship, I pretty much dated casually, never committing (this guy was my first EVERYTHING). It wasn't until 2009 that I began dating someone seriously (who is now the father of my two children). In the beginning, I was a little paranoid. There were times where I found myself feeling afraid for no reason. For some reason, the thought of a gun would haunt me. But, I soon let go of those fears. I believe being open about what I went through helped me. I had the support of my family and the few friends who knew. While I didn't go around sharing it with the world, I was definitely open to sharing if need be. 

To overcome abuse:
  • I believe a woman needs to know her worth; that she is indeed better than that and doesn't deserve to be abused. Women, too often, blame themselves; well, if I would've just kept my mouth shut or I shouldn't have put my finger in his face etc. We must know that no one deserves to be abused; EVER.
  • It helps to know that you are not alone and that you should never feel ashamed about being abused. It is so easy for someone to say what they would do if they were abused, but it's always a different story when it actually happens. 
  • As I stated above, talk about it. We are creatures who need to communicate and need the help of others. 5 times out of 10, the person you are sharing your story with has gone through something similar. 
  • Talk to God. I am not the most religious being, but I do have conversations with my God. Sometimes we need to dig deep and reach out to the most powerful being for comfort. 
  • This ties in with the previous tip and that is to pray for healing and strength. 
  • You must make the choice to be better than your situation and not let what you've been through, define you. People have been through a lot of rough situations and if everyone dwelled on them and let those situations take over their lives, everyone would be miserable.  Instead, let what happened make you stronger; learn from your experience
  • Always remain positive. You receive what you put out to the universe. 
I must also note that it is essential to pay attention to signs of  a potentially abusive person. As I mentioned in my story, there were quite a few signs that let me know that I was with an abusive person. I , in my naivete, chose to ignore them. Always know that people will show you who they are; believe them. This dude showed me his crazy several times and I just thought isn't that odd? instead of running like hell. 

We also like to think of just physical abuse when abuse is mentioned, but often we forget about the other forms of abuse that are just as harmful. Sure, he can break your nose, but a man can also break your spirit with his caustic words. Constantly being called bitch, fat ass, whore, etc. can make anyone begin to believe they are the names they are being called. I always say go with your gut feeling; it's usually right. 

I'm sure I've left some tips out. But I hope I have helped in any way I can. I'm giving you a really big hug! Love you and thanks for sharing! 


I must state once again that I am NOT a professional counselor or an expert in this field. I am just a person who would like to give general advice and words of encouragement to those who seek it. If professional help is needed, please contact the appropriate national help lines. If I feel that your story is one that needs professional help, I will suggest that you reach out to a help line and provide you with the appropriate contact information. Also, I am one person, so if submissions become overwhelming, please excuse me if it takes a while to post your story and a response.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Track Shorts

Hello lovelies!!

So, I have thought long and hard about posting this outfit. I actually wore this about a month ago and when I put the outfit on I thought I was too fine. But, when I saw the pictures I immediately hated them. I wasn't feeling my choice of a blouse; it looked too heavy and blousy for the shorts.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Canadian Tuxedo

Hello lovelies!

So, it has been a long time since I have been able to fit this denim shirt. Once I hit four months in my pregnancy, it was a WRAP; no more wearing my favorite shirt. I think we all know how versatile denim shirts can be. Can't think of how to style that skirt or those printed pants? Chances are a denim shirt is your best bet. Needless to say, I was deeply saddened when I found that I could no longer wear it without looking like if I breathed too hard it would burst open. After having my youngest son, the shirt would not even close! Still, I kept the shirt in my closet because I knew that I would one day be able to wear it again.