Friday, May 25, 2012


Hey folks! So I am collaborating with one of my good friends, Cori, who is co-founder of Baubleheadz (She and her husband Clint run the show). Baubleheadz is a luxuriously fly company that handmakes (yes, HANDmakes) bracelets. Their bracelets range from simple to eyecatchingly gorgeous bracelets. They custom make them to their client's liking (what could be better than that?!)

So with that being said, let's start this lovely contest so we can find one of the custom bracelets a happy home on someone's wrist (These bracelets typically retail for $50, but one of you will get a custom one for FREE!) :)**

Here are the rules:
  • Participants must leave a comment on this post talking about their favorite most versatile piece of clothing and/or accessories and have a pic of themselves rocking said item. ***
  • You must also follow Baubleheadz on Twitter (@baubleheadz)so as to find out who the winner is of the lovely bracelet
  • Included in your comment will be an email so I can better reach you in case you miss the Twitter announcement of who the winner is
And most of all people, HAVE FUN with it! Be creative with the picture(s) you choose to post. All of the pictures shall be sent to my email, which is listed on my blog. The deadline will be: JUNE 8, 2012  MIDNIGHT (meaning Saturday by midnight)

Here is a pic of myself rocking two beautiful Baubleheadz bracelets:

I'm so excited to see everybody's entries!

**The value of the custom bracelet must not exceed $50


Ok, so things are moving kind of slow with this contest lol. So I figured I would make it easier for you guys. Instead of submitting a pic and describing your fave piece, all you have to do is comment on this post. Include your name and email and at the end of the contest I will select a random number and that's how I will choose the winner. Seem fair enough?? :) Also, because of this revision, I have extended the deadline by a week. The new deadline will be JUNE 15, 2012 (BY MIDNIGHT)


  1. Hey Wanna Be Rich Kid! It's Kiera. The bracelets are beautiful. And I'm glad you're still going with your blog. I really feel (serious comment here lol) like you're makin it big when you do giveaways. People that blog and vlog and giveaway stuff: to me that says I'm going to give u more than entertaining/informative writing, you get a physical something from me. Then there's a more personal connection made. Well, at least to me. If one of my favorite Youtubers or bloggers did a giveaway and I won, I'd feel like they know me like that lol. Anyways, i've talked enuf. I hope you get more comments. Even though I want the bracelet

  2. On a personal note, I love what your doing. You've inspired me to start thinking up some new projects. If the opportunity arises I'd love to collab with you on something (so k.i.t.) Now on to the bracelets, they are gorge! But I wouldnt have them for myself, I'd actually keepsake them and pass them to my daughter when she could fit them properly. :)

  3. Hey girlie, Loving the blog and the bracelets are gorge!!! Perfect for stacking!!


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