Monday, May 21, 2012

Miss Me?!

Hello! I'm baaaaaack! I have decided that this blog will be a melange (nice word right? :)) of different posts but the main focus will be fashion. I have a renewed love for fashion. After becoming a mommy I found that I stopped focusing on the way I looked and that's a no no. Of course it's important for you to be all about your little one, but you must not lose sight of yourself. So I decided to make a change and become the free spirited girl I was before (all while being an awesome mommy). I started reading fashion blogs and became quite inspired by what I was seeing. I fell in LOVE with Gabi Gregg of It was then and there that I gained a sense of confidence in my body. No longer would I be confined to society's fashion limitsthat are placed upon plus sized ladies. I realized that if I wanna wear a crop top, a sheer top, skinny jeans, or a BIKINI (gasp!) I would damn well do it. So here you have it folks, my scrapbook of looks I have created. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy reading and looking at this blog as much as I enjoy creating it. Love you all! Stay tuned :)

PS Sorry it took me sooooo long to update this blog, promise I will be better.

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