Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let's Talk About Fashion

Hey guys! I feel as though I haven't posted in forever! In reality it's only been a few days. But in my opinion that is waaaay too long. I owe you guys an outfit post ;) Today was wonderful. I had been anticipating going to this event Let's Talk About Fashion, held by Plus Fashion Week Chicago, for a while now. I couldn't wait to be surrounded by bloggers, designers, people who loved fashion, etc. It was held at the Ian Schrager Hotel which is uber schnazzy. It was such a nice event, I wish we could've stayed longer because I met some wonderful people!* I have never felt so at home, as it was nice being surrounded by folks who could relate to my plus-sized struggle. Everyone was very supporting and, most of all, CONFIDENT. I spoke with a woman who is a teacher, which I'm studying to be, and in talking to her I found out that she tends to go shopping alone because her smaller friends simply can't relate when it comes to finding new threads, which can be dreadfully frustrating. This really touched me and got my wheels turning and now I plan on creating something to solve this problem that I assume many women have (more details about my plan later when I sort them out). Anywho, I am more than thrilled to attend more events such as this one in the future. For this event, I wanted to properly represent my blog so I decided to be fashionable yet...(you guys guessed it) COMFORTABLE so I went with my new lace top, blazer, and mustard bell bottoms. Must I say that I love these bell bottoms, they are so fricking comfortable and such a wonderful pop of color. UGH, LOVE! I chose to wear a bold lip also. AND this is my first time being curly on you guys like??? Oh..and about this lipstick, it is amazeballs. It's MAC and I've had it for about five years (makeup artist's nightmare) but I never really wore it til now. It's longwear and boy does it mean IT! This stayed on for HOURS. Even after eating. So this lipstick is a definite must. Toodles!

Here some pics from the event:

I believe this is Chocolate Sushi

Chocolate Sushi

Asos dress from Frock Shop (loved this dress, you can rent dresses from this place!)

Baubleheadz bracelets :)

Lace Top: Forever 21/Tank: Old Navy/Blazer: Forever 21/Necklace: Forever 21/Bell Bottoms: Urban Oufitters/Sandals: Lori's shoes

Sorry I look so pissed; I was a bit tired...

*Check out PFWChicago's website for more wonderful events. I will definitely be attending more!


  1. When I become famous, you will be my stylist!!! Luv ya girl :P

    1. I love you! You're the best!! And its a deal!

  2. what a fun event! cute look girly! and i love your hair curly too!:)

    C's Evolution of Style

  3. Love this!!!!!! You look so pretty!!


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