Saturday, June 2, 2012

Floral Cowboy

Hey guys!!

It is so beautiful here in Chicago, today! Perfect 70+ degree weather :) So to celebrate the good weather I decided to put on my strapless floral dress, which I love, but don't wear without a jacket (no strapless bra, big booby girl problems lol). And luckily it was still cool enough to wear a light jacket. I also have always wanted to try the boots-with-a-dress look ( I have to admit, the boots feel weird with a dress, I really felt like a cowgirl). So I decided to wear my much worn out, but favorite, Steve Madden boots. I liked the way it came out. Pretty simple, but cute. I need to tan these pale legs tho, sheesh. Hope you all are enjoying the beautiful weather! Oh, and I decided to try the fringe twist on my curly hair and loved the results! So, I may be doing a video soon on how I do my twist, as requested by a reader :) Toodles!!

My little scruffy Roxie :)

Sunnies: Forever 21/Denim jacket: Old Navy/Floral dress: Forever 21/Boots: Steve Madden

Sorry so many pics. Ryanne took so many great ones it was hard to choose!


  1. Very cute Lauren! I love floral looks. Especially w/ "jean" added to it. I can't wait to try something like this. & never too many pics. You look great!

  2. Thanks honey bump! Yeah, you def should, it's fun and comfy :) And I'm a sucker for floral. Thanks for the comment!


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