Saturday, June 30, 2012

New product!

So if you guys remember my post about going to The Makeup Show Chicago preview and receiving a bag of goodies, there were two packages of Vitivia Pro Vitamins in there. I kind of brushed the product off because I had no idea what it was and figured I would never use it. thoughts have changed. My face has been going haywire lately. Now don't get me wrong, I have ALWAYS had acne, but as of late my skin has been totally out of control. It's quite depressing to be honest. I also find that I've been wearing makeup more than ever and I feel it doesn't exactly help my situation. Buuut, because I have breakouts, I want to cover it with makeup. So its a vicious cycle as you can imagine. So, I look in my bag of goodies and I give these two packages a second look. One has the vitamin A15 and the other has vitamin C10. Inside the packages is a wheel filled with 28 capsules of the vitamin. The A15 is to be applied at night after you wash your face. And the C10 is to be applied in the morning. So far I've done the C10 because its morning time. You simply twist off the end of the capsule and apply the silky mixture on your face. Needless to say, it felt great. Anywho, I plan on keeping a photo journal (to myself of course) of my skin so I can see if it improves or gets worse. So ill keep you guys updated (if you even care lol).
So here's what these packages claim to do:
Vitivia Pro Vitamin A15 "naturally increases the skin's cell turnover rate, refining pores and smoothing fine lines to reveal more youthful looking skin. Has also been proven to normalize activity of the sebaceous glands and reduce skin inflammations."

Vitamin C10 "effectively protects against free radical damage. As an essential antioxidant, it has been proven to reduce hyperpigmentation and naturally stimulate the synthesis of collagen."
Each of these packages retail for $55 so they're pretty pricey. Hopefully they're worth it.

Note: this post was done from my phone, so sorry about the poor quality of the photos :)

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