Sunday, July 1, 2012

Good Times With Good People

Hey lovelies!

I've missed you! I haven't done an outfit post in what seems like forever! Yesterday, my besties threw a surprise retirement party for their father and I was so happy to be a part of the surprise. It was such a sweet thing for them to do, and their dad was genuinely surprised. He was surrounded by old buddies and loved ones as he chatted the night away. Pure perfection! Yesterday's outfit was pretty simple. I went out and bought a couple more boyfriend tees from Target, which I am obsessed with, and they're only 8 bucks! Not to mention, super comfy :) Anywho, I paired the tee with a pair of H&M shorts I haven't worn in ages because I honestly never really liked the fit. But I worked with them yesterday, hiked em up a bit, changed the belt, and voila! Now, for my headwear. I have been dying to wear a scarf or something like it and make it into a bow. Well, I got my chance when I glanced at my American Apparel sash which can be worn a variety of ways, and it never really worked for me as a belt, so I thought why not try it on my head? It's pretty long so I had to wrap it around twice, and it made the bow kind of heavy, but all in all I liked the look (the boyfriend, not so much lol). Plus, it was the perfect punch of color to an otherwise boring outfit. Hope you enjoyed your weekend guys! Toodles! OMG and I have to add that the food was ah-may-zing! Great job Pilar! You really pulled it off!

 My besties, Pilar and Veronika, and their lovely father
 My little big man

 Excuse my messy shorts lol, I wanted to showcase my cool finger cuff
 My face is terrible, but, my BRO came!!
Bestie with her boo thang Khalil (griller of the night)

Sash worn as bow: American Apparel//Tee: Target//Shorts: H&M//Belt: Target//Sandals: Lori's Shoes//Finger cuff: Target

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