Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Much Needed Vacation...

Hello loves!

I know it may seem as though I have forgotten about you all, but that is not the case. I have honestly not been anywhere that has been blog-worthy. I will, however, post a few Instagram pictures to keep you guys in the loop. Just so you know, I have been doing tons of cooking! Now, this is quite a surprising thing for me because anyone who knows me knows that I never cook. I didn't have the patience nor the desire to get in the kitchen and whip up a meal. Well, folks, that has all changed. I have begun to gain interest in healthier meals and, most times, meatless meals. When I can, I like to cut back on meat as much as possible therefore I have been using seitan, tempeh, eggplant, and mushrooms to replace my meats. Well let me tell you the results have been amazing. Whenever I make these healthy meals, I am completely satisfied and surprisingly do not miss meat. I still love my meat, but I know it can be quite beneficial to cut back here and there. I told you guys about a few websites in a previous post (Healthy Kick) about where I find my recipes and, of course, my favorite sites are also and

Anywho, let's get to the reason behind the title of this post :) So this past Sunday, my whole family (meaning my boyfriend, his mom, sister, brother, our son, and myself) went on vacation to a town in Michigan called New Buffalo, which is about an hour and a half away from Chicago. We rented a vacation home that was 500 FEET from the beach! Best decision we could have ever made. Do you know what it feels like to wake up and hit the beach in the morning?? And to top it off, we were often the only ones on the beach. SCORE!

Needless to say, we completely and utterly enjoyed ourselves. It is very rare that all of us are together for an extended period of time, so we really enjoyed each other's company. My boyfriend barbecued and I made my seven layer salad and baked beans, yummmm! We knew we wanted to cook breakfast so we decided to make red velvet pancakes from scratch with a delectable cream cheese glaze. They were to die for! You can find the recipe here.

When we arrived we noticed that there was no cell reception and we immediately freaked out. We didn't bring any computers so we were completely out of touch with the world. Well, that was a blessing in disguise. It meant no interruptions and allowed for us to be completely relaxed and stress free. This was also my son's first vacation and his first time on a beach. You already know he had a blast! The joy on his face meant everything to me.

It seems crazy because of the terribly hot weather we've been experiencing in Chicago, but I was itching to straighten my hair. So, I did. And it actually lasted! I was pretty stoked about that. If you guys want any tips on how to straighten your hair or just to know the steps I follow, feel free to ask :) And I can't lie, I was eager to see how much longer, if at all, my hair had gotten. I am pleased to say that it is now bra strap length! I totally attribute it to lack of heat (straightening, blow drying),deep conditioning, and trimming my hair regularly.

So, guys, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and, again, feel free to leave a comment! Toodles!

 Right before we left for Michigan :)

 Me and my sissy Ryanne
 Tell me that doesn't relax your mind...

 Our yummy spread: scrambled eggs with cheese, red velvet pancakes, fried apples, and sausage links...oh and mimosas!

 The fam :)
 I'm so pale! (Bathing suit: Old Navy)

 Yummy kale frittata!
 After my friend Spifster's party (Blazer: Thrifted/ Necklace: Forever 21/ Tank: Old Navy)
 Eggplant Casserole (tastes just like holiday stuffing)
 Eggplant Patties

After GoTeamNatural's Event (Blouse: Forever 21)

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