Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ladies' Night Out

Hey lovies!

It's been a little while since I've talked to you all. That makes me a bit sad...I recently (as in this week) started classes and I have a heavier course load. It's going smoothly as of now, but that's mostly because this is only the first week. So, hopefully, I can handle it as I am totally up for the challenge. Once again, I am completely blessed and happy that I am allowed the opportunity to be a stay at home mom as well as a full time student. So, I know I have it way easier than the moms out there who balance a career, school, and a little one ::tips hat:: 

Anywho, I have had the pleasure of attending another Plus Fashion Week event about a week ago. They paired up with Lush Cosmetics to bring people what was titled Ladies' Night Out. We all met around 5:30 at the Lush Bucktown location (which is such a CUTE area) and was blissfully pampered through out the evening. This was my first time being in a Lush store and my God was I swept off my feet! First of all, the customer service is im-pecc-able (you have to stress the syllables 'cause it was just that good). Each and every lady was very attentive and seemed to be in love with each and every Lush product. That is key people--you must be in love with the product to successfully sell it--it HAS to be believable. Needless to say, every product I was shown (complete with demonstrations as to how they work) I fell in love with. Lush prides itself on bringing you products that are not animal tested, all natural, and handmade. You can see and feel the love that has been poured into the line. I haven't even told you what products they offer, I was simply too busy gloating about the ladies, lol. The question is, what don't they have? They offer everything from edible lip scrubs to mascara to facial moisturizers to dissolvable bath bombs. If you go in the store, you can guarantee that you will leave with something. The prices are a bit high, but for the quality you are willing to part with your money.

I purchased the Ocean Salt Scrub, Ice Blue soap, and Sea Vegetable soap (click links to purchase). Now the cool thing about most of their products is that if you don't know which item to choose or just simply want to try them out, you can ask for a slice or chunk of the product and they weigh it and price it, much like at a deli lol. It's an awesome idea!  The soaps smell like heaven and I am so in love with the ones I chose. They each smell very fresh and clean, and the scent lasts. The scrub is also amazing, as it leaves your skin feeling like a baby's bottom.

If I haven't convinced you enough, go in and try it for yourself and I guarantee you will fall in love with the people and the products--it's impossible not to!

After the event, the ladies headed down to the wonderful plus size boutique that I've highlighted before, Viva La Femme for more fun and chatter. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to stay for the festivities but I had a wonderful experience and am very excited for my next Lush visit as well as the next Plus Fashion Week event. Stay tuned for upcoming events! Toodles!

 The lovely Lush Ladies :) (The one on the left was SUCH a great help! Loved her!)

 These are shampoo bars! How cool!
 The wonderful mountain of scented soaps

Their new cosmetic line
 Sayla (sp?) showing me the lipsticks

Michelle (who is fricking amazing!!!) pampered my "mitts" with the Ocean Salt Scrub
Top: Target//Shorts: F21//Necklace: F21


  1. That sounds like an AMAZING night out. I mean, who doesn't love to be pampered.

    And you're so right, if you don't love or feel 100% confident in a product you're sharing no one will want it.

    Thanks for sharing and good luck with your classes. Tips hat to you also because I'd LOVE to go back to school right now.

    Oh and you said "mitts" I love that. Too cute. I'm going to have to start using that. :)

  2. First off I love your hair, freckles and those cute shorts. I fell in love with my legs last summer and can't get enough of wanting to show them off (giggles). I want some Lush products. Soaps and hand creams to add to the collection, loll! Why oh why does blogging ignite that urge in us? Looks like the event was a blast.


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