Sunday, October 14, 2012

BLM Girls Chicago Edition!

Hey dolls!!

It's been soooo long and I am so ashamed because of it. I have recently started a new job and I have been busy as ever. But, still, that is no excuse. That's not to say I haven't been looking fabulous in the mean time :) I have become a lazy bum and resorted to Instagram by just shooting OOTD pics and posting them there. I should be ashamed, right?! If you guys aren't already, please follow me on Instagram at MidwestLolita. That way we will never be out of touch :)

Anywho, on to the matter at hand. I had the pleasure of meeting up with my wonderfully small group of Chicago BLM Girls and it was definitely a blast. We met at Zed451 and had a delicious brunch. Lemme tell you, you pay a set price and they come around and give you unlimited, yes unlimited, amounts of meat and other goodies and if that isn't enough, they have a full circle of yummy side dishes that you have unlimited access to. Not only is there an abundance of food, but it's de-damn-licious too! If you haven't been there already, you must go. I was missing out, apparently.

There were about nine of us gals and we sat and stuffed our faces and chatted about fashion, beauty, and blogs. It was complete heaven. I truly look forward to seeing these girls again soon!

 Tori was the only diva looking :) (Left to right: Maya, Tori of Glasses and Glitter, Princess of Eclectically_Me)
 My sweet Tiffany!

(Front row l to r: Brandy of Gold'n Glitters, Jaye of Curvatude, Maya, Tori, Princess) (Top row l to r: Tiffany, LeTroy of Windy City Mama) pictured above: Terez of Dbabetta

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