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Skin Deep Natural Body Care Review

Hello lovelies!

I am excited to be doing my very first review of some wonderful products that I am sure every woman (and man) will love. The products I am reviewing today are by the all-natural company, Skin Deep Natural Body Care an "Eco-Chic Bodycare for Naturally Beautiful Skin". This company was founded by the extremely intelligent, gorgeous, and humble former high school classmate of mine, Dominique Covington.

A little back story on her company....

"Skin Deep Natural Bodycare was developed with the mission to advance the importance of natural skin and body care as a part of a healthy lifestyle practice. Founder Dominique Covington is from Chicago, IL. Although she received her law degree in 2011, she has always had a passion to increase awareness about the benefits of natural, healthy, socially consciousness, and sustainable lifestyles.

From a young age Dominique suffered with eczema and extreme skin sensitivity. After changing her lifestyle to incorporate healthy eating and exercise habits, she still noticed that her skin conditions were not improving. After much trial and error with skin and body care products marketed for sensitive skin, she decided to create her own natural body care regimen, which consisted of natural and effective ingredients. After achieving personal success in relieving her skin issues, and armed with the knowledge that a complete healthy lifestyle consists of not only what is put into the body, but also what is put on the body; she decided to create Skin Deep Natural Bodycare in order to provide a healthier alternative when choosing body and skin care products."

Yessssss, right?! I love this story because I, too, struggle with acne to this day and am constantly searching for ways to cure my problem skin. I simply love that these are products that she developed that are near and dear to her heart because she went through the same problems as so many other young adults.

On to the lovely products! I had the extreme pleasure of being able to review three products and I got to pick the scent. I chose the refreshing scent of lemon-ginger. I am a sucker for anything lemon.  I love the smell, the taste, and I know that lemon can be a cleansing agent. Well, I struck gold!

 Left to right: Lemon Ginger Shea Body Cleansing Cream, Lemon Ginger Shea Body Soufflee, and Lemon Ginger Shea Body Polish

This product is akin to a body wash and smells heavenly. It is quite milky in texture and states that it is a "moisturizing cream cleanser that gently dissolves dirt and oil, while keeping skin hydrated and moisturized..."

This soufflee has such a dense yet fluffy texture and boasts that it contains natural shea butter, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil (awesome!) "Naturally rich in Vitamins A, E, &F, Shea Butter revitalizes, softens, and penetrates deep into the skin to help restore elasticity..."

This lovely "body polish" contains natural shea butter, evening primrose oil, and sweet almond oil. This is a "natural sugar scrub that exfoliates and softens the skin by removing excess oils and dead skin cells..."

This is the body soufflee on my hand. It has a great, thick texture.
I have to say, I was overly excited to try these products right away! My hands get very rough and dry during the cold seasons, so I was eager to try the body polish to see if it would really do the trick. I must say, I have tried other scrubs and this one was definitely one of my favorites. It is thick and oily, which I like, and really seems to penetrate the skin. Other scrubs tend to seperate and seem more grainy than anything, whereas this one felt as though you were rubbing sugar and honey on your skin. It was quite soothing and when I rinsed off the product, my hands felt baby smooth.
I immediately followed the scrub with the body soufflee and was pleased with how little you needed to effectively moisturize your skin. That is a plus in my book because that means this product will last me a long time. And the smell?! Well, it is simply divine!
The next day, I used the body cleansing cream and found that the product was a bit too milky for me (I prefer thicker body washes), so I used it in conjunction with my usual body wash.
Prior to using the wash, I used the body polish all over in the shower, and afterwards my skin felt so soft and supple. I then followed up with the body soufflee. The smell is so refreshing that I didn't even feel the need to wear perfume. Throughout the day, I smelled this product on my skin, which I loved! I love when smells last throughout the day. Nothing worse than your scent wearing off after a few hours.
Overall, I would totally recommend these products! I absolutely loved them, as they are of good quality, do what they claim to do, and best of all, they are ALL NATURAL! 

The other scents that are offered on the site are lavender, mango, jasmine, almond, and lemon-ginger.
There also gift sets available for purchase as well as gift certificates.

And as a special gift to my wonderful readers, Dominique is offering you all 15% off your entire purchase using the code: RICH GIRL just in time for the HOLIDAYS!!!

Contact Information for Dominique Covington:

Twitter: @SkinDeepSpeaks
Facebook: Skin Deep Natural Bodycare


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  1. Great review! I'll have to check out there product line!

    1. Thanks so much Roxy! And please do! You'll love it!

  2. Love the review lady!! Xs and Os!!!!!

  3. Great post! Love that more people are going natural, organic, and healthier.

    1. Thanks for reading! I love it as well!!


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