Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Hello my darlings!

I am so sorry for the brief hiatus! Last week was my spring break and I just went back to classes this week. Needless to say, things have been quite hectic. I took the meaning of the word break to a whole new level. I think I actually forgot I was in school. Not a book was cracked open during my spring break. So, when I started this week, I was overwhelmed with assignments, to say the least. I've been meaning to get some posts up, but it just seems like I never find the time to.

This outfit of the day is actually from a couple days ago. I braved the weather and sported my gray sweater/dress with my favorit-o leather boots. When I initially bought this sweater, I had hopes of wearing it as a dress, but I knew damn well I was too tall and it was simply too short. After seeing Brittany of Pockets and Bows sporting this sweater as a dress (and rocking the HELL out of it, might I add) I knew I had to have it. [Mind you, Brittany is about 5'1 and I am 5'8] Nevertheless, I was determined to have this sweater in my closet. When I got the sweater, my dreams of sporting it as a dress were crushed, as I found it almost bared my crotch with the slightest knee bend. So, I wore it with leggings and jeans. It wasn't until I found a pair of leather shorts, that I realized I could give the illusion of wearing the sweater as a dress (ultimately freaking folks out) while still being fully covered. When I think about it, I'm pretty sure Brittany also wore it with shorts.

I got this hat from Forever 21 in the men's section and once I got my hair straightened I couldn't wait to wear it. So much so, that I damn near wore it everyday. It's not often I'm not donning a huge fro of curls, so I took FULL advantage. I just thought this hat was perfectly edgy and could go with a variety of outfits.

I finished this look with my deep purple lipstick (by Milani) and I had the perfect bad girl look :) The blue hair helps, too. Hope you all enjoy! Toodles!

My darling had to be in the picture. Love that little guy :)

 Hat: Forever 21 Men's Section (sale)|| Sweater: Forever 21 (sale)|| Shorts: H&M|| Necklace: Forever 21


  1. Lmbo. I too cry fashion tears of the tall girl but as you started they're are def tricks to the game. I love shopping in men's section too. Great look. I just posted a new post too. Check me out.

    1. Thank you, my dear! Being tall def has it's pros and cons. I will def check out your post. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hold up. You have that short sleeved, dress on with all that snow in the background. Please tell me you had on a jacket for the rest of the day.Those boots are KILLER and you look really cute!

    1. Haha! It was almost 50 degrees that day! But, yes, I did wear a jacket that day lol. I'm not THAT crazy. And thank you, I'm sooo happy I purchased these boots.


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