Sunday, April 20, 2014

Florals and Pastels

Hello lovelies!!

Happy Easter!! So, I wore this top to church with a black pencil skirt, but this skirt is what I wish I wore. Sometimes super cutesy items just aren't very practical when toting a newborn and a three year old.

I have been dying to wear this absolutely gorgeous skirt ever since I snagged it from H&M a month or so ago. I've seen several other bloggers don the skirt (mostly in black) and it has made me extremely antsy to debut my darling baby. This skirt is amazing in that the shape is awesome, the heaviness of it screams good quality, and the color is so refreshing! I already know I will get tons of wears out of it as I have already thought of several outfits involving this skirt. So, just know, you may be seeing it several times here on the blog.

The shirt is actually a peplum top that I wore before here on the blog. I decided to tuck it in, since peplum on top a wide circle skirt would've been too voluminous. I am loving this look. It made me feel a little like Carrie Bradshaw (but with $50 heels :) )

I hope you all enjoy! Toodles!

Shirt & Skirt: H&M|| Shoes: Zara

Lauren K

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