Thursday, April 17, 2014

Metallics and Peplum

Hello lovelies!

So, I have to be honest, I somewhat threw this outfit together and just kind of went with it. I thought  it looked semi professional minus the open toe heels. I recently wore the pants (along with silver metallic top) to a John Legend concert. Sorry for not snapping any pictures, but my boyfriend and I chose for that night to be just about the two of us, so I obliged. I honestly think he just thought of a damn good excuse to get out of taking my glamour shots haha.

Anywho, I thought it would be good to challenge the versatility of these metallic pants because let's be frank, who in the hell wears silver metallic pants on the regular? When I saw this outfit on H&M,  I knew I had to have it. Unique pieces tend to jump out at me and I knew that even I were to get one wear out of it, I would be happy. I will post a photo I took on my phone of the outfit (so what, I snuck a bathroom pic that night, terrible I know). It's not the best quality, but it'll give you an idea of how it looks together.

But on to this outfit, I thought the pants would look nice with my blue peplum top and since it was pretty cold that day I decided to layer a white blouse underneath it. I somewhat like the end result but I'm not thrilled with it. I still wanted to post it anyway because who knows, someone may actually like the outfit.

Hope you all enjoy! Toodles!

SPECS| White top: H&M|| Peplum: Forever 21|| Pants: H&M|| Heels: Zara


  1. Love your style hun. Great combination. You gone make me rock my blue DIY peplum top soon. :-) #BLM

  2. I love love your hair. And cobalt blue like amazing on you!


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