Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Second Blog Birthday! (Giveaway) CLOSED

Hello lovelies!

I am so excited!!! I know I always say that, but this time I truly am. My blog has reached the two year mark (actually the date was May 21st) and I am elated (as if you needed me to say it again). Although I have been somewhat (ok, very) off and on with my blog, I am very happy with where it is today and I plan on taking my blog to new heights!

It has been so awesome for me to be able to share my looks of the day with you and share my quirky thoughts. I am so thankful for all of you wonderful readers; for your comments, your subscriptions, your overall show of support. It means the world to me and not only do I have this blog as a source of happiness for myself, I do it for you all, too. I was inspired by many bloggers, whom I've mentioned before, and it would be dream to be an inspiration to someone else out there.

It took me a long time to become secure in my body, and I still have more self-embracing to do (is that even a word?). By sharing my outfits with you all, I feel like we have formed a bond and I truly look forward to your comments every time. So, once again, thank you!

To thank you all further, I will be doing a collaboration with Brionne Warner of BriChic Boutique to do a giveaway! You can enter for a chance to win a custom signature necklace from her boutique for free! Do you guys remember when I sported my custom, handwritten signature necklace?? I honestly can't stop wearing it! There is no way a personalized necklace could be more personal!

Also, in celebration of my blog's birthday, I decided to do a shoot with my dear friend, Jeremy, who is a wonderfully talented photographer! I had so much fun taking these pictures, I do hope you all enjoy. More pictures from the shoot may appear here on the blog; we took so many!

Specs|| Tee: Target|| Necklace: Target|| Skirt: Ebay|| Shoes: Zara

Click the link below to enter my giveaway!! Contest ends June 5, 2014 11:59 PM PST; US residents only)  CLOSED
BriChic Signature Necklace giveaway


  1. Visiting from BLM. Love the premise behind your blog and love your 2 year anniversary shoot! Congratulations girl! I can totally relate to learning to be more accepting of your body type. I was always really tall and super skinny (like not cute skinny, bony) and I had to grow into accepting it. I still am not fully comfortable with my height, even though there are many women who are taller than me. Its a process, and I love to see women on the journey, successfully working toward self acceptance. Looking forward to celebrating your 3 year anniversary with you! xx

    1. Thank you my darling! I'm so happy and proud of you for accepting your body! It's one of the most important things a person can do. Thank you so much for reading!! xoxoxo

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belated) Diaries of a Wanna Be Rich Kid!! Love you Lauren! Believe it or not you do motivate and inspire, from the blog side and fashion. You go girl! So proud to call you FAM!! Xoxoxox

    1. Thank you!!! That's so sweet of you! Love you lots! Kisses!!


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