Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spotted Stripes

Hello lovelies!

I decided to keep it pretty casual today but still be cute. This leopard top is actually a dress I recently got from H&M (duh) but I decided to tuck it in and wear it a different way. I love the idea of mixing prints and I just knew this black and white striped pencil skirt would look perfect with the leopard spots. I threw on my denim jacket, for a more dressed down effect, and added my black sandals. 

I actually purchased these black sandals from H&M while I was in France. (That's such a shame that I hunt down an H&M all the way across the world.) Anywho, when I first purchased them, they tore my feet up! You would think that I would've chucked 'em. Instead, I pushed through, bandaids and all, and two days later I was fine. Am I the only person who will wear a shoe until it doesn't hurt anymore?? I kinda feel like it comes with the buy-a-cheap-shoe territory. It's almost guaranteed that you'll suffer a blister or two. Beauty is pain. Either that or I'm just crazy lol.

And a little tid bit about that black and white skirt: I was in search of this baby when I saw someone post it on their Facebook. When I headed to Target, I found one left and it was a size small. Let me tell you, I am not a size small, at all, but I decided to give it a try and lo and behold, it FIT! I knew that because the material was stretchy, that I could possibly get away with it; and it is very comfortable. That just goes to show that sometimes instead of walking away from an item because it may not be your size, take it to the fitting room. Sometimes the item may actually work for you!

Hope you all enjoy! Toodles!

Specs|| Jacket/Top (Dress)/Shoes: H&M|| Skirt: Target|| Necklace: Windsor

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    1. Thanks darling! This may be my favorite combo!

  2. You look great! Love the puff!

    1. Thank you!! It was super huge that day :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! This was a fun look to do!


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