Thursday, July 31, 2014

Black Out

Hello my lovelies!

I am getting so excited because my 10-year high school reunion is tomorrow! I cannot believe that ten years have passed since walking across that stage and receiving my high school diploma. Even though social media keeps us all "current" on the happenings of others' lives, it's nothing like seeing those people in person. I hope to post pictures from my reunion weekend so that I can share them with you all!

I know I just talked about how excited I am for my reunion and here I am donning an all black outfit, lol. I've been wanting to wear this tulle skirt again (see original outfit post here) and I thought instead of wearing it with a different color, I would just wear all black. For some reason I gravitate towards brighter colors so it's quite odd for me to wear all black; it's so...depressing sometimes, while also magically slimming. 

I should've listened to the boyfriend (who called my lipstick demonic) and ditched the dark lipstick. Eh, I like the outcome, nevertheless.

Hope you all enjoy! Also, be sure to enter my giveaway to win $200 in PayPal cash! Today is the last day!  Good luck!


P.S. I need to find a new damn pose, smh. 

SPECS|| Blazer: H&M || Top: Target || Tulle Skirt: Ebay || Shoes: Zara


  1. I swear we must be long-lost sisters! I adore your blog and love your unique style! Totally following you.


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