Monday, July 13, 2015


Hello lovelies!!!

 First of all, let me let out a long silent scream-------------------------------------okay, I'm done. I am so excited to be posting again you guys!!! I feel like so much has happened in the year {cringe} that I have been absent. I have finally graduated from college {woot woot!} and am now amongst the unemployed degree holders who maintains a permanent position in front of the television haha.

But really, I have been a busy busy bee but I must say I am so relieved that school is one less thing on my plate. I have started to take up baking and have even started selling some of my tasty treats{follow me on Instagram: unpetitmorceau for updates and to get your sweet tooth fix!} and that has kept me busy. Not to mention, I have two young sons who keep me on my toes!

Enough about that, how are you all?! Thank you so much for sticking with me and if you are new to my blog then WELCOME and kisses to you!

So, as I previously mentioned, I have been a bit of a bum lately so that translates into a lack of cute outfits. BUT, I do get dressed from time to time and still try to be as comfortable as possible. Although I rarely wear all black, I chose to throw on my fave leather shorts and black blouse and finished the look with my gladiators and hat of the moment.

Let me tell you all, this hat has been a lifesaver! I shamefully have donned it for about a week {or two} straight because my hair is giving me the flux. Plus, the hat is damn cute! I get so many compliments and a whole lot of  "not to offend you, but you are giving me Boy George right now."  And I am totally okay with that lol.

Also, gladiators are super trendy so I was glad to grab this pair up. They were a bit steep {at $100} but they are completely worth it because if you know me, I am getting my money's worth. They are also something that looks super cute and jazz up any outfit. So, between my hat and my gladiators, I am winning!

Tell me if you're digging this look! Also, tell me what you all have been up to! I miss you guys! Do you all have a summer staple that you find yourself reaching for day after day??



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  1. Yes yes yesssssss! I love that hat lol I already told you that. Glad to see you blogging :)

    1. Thank you darling!! This hat is my fave!

  2. Welcome back! It's about time LOL Yay! Love the layout looks good!

    1. Ha! I know right?! Thank you! xoxo


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