Monday, August 3, 2015


Hey lovelies!!

Happy Monday! (I can still say that with actual glee because I don't start work until a few weeks from now!)

Last week my family and I took a vacation to New Buffalo, Michigan and we stayed in a beautiful house not far from the local beach. This was our second time taking this trip but this time we had another baby and also a different, bigger house.

Our time there was everything that a vacation should be: late mornings, beach time every day, and lots of food and relaxation. We stayed there a total of four days and we all had a grand time. There was a day where we stayed in our pajamas all day; vacation complete.

One night we did put on real clothes and go to a local restaurant to enjoy fire blazed pizza and handmade burgers. I knew that this vacation would be pretty laid back so I chose to bring along my new denim jumpsuit that I had yet to wear.

Let me tell you how excited I was when I laid eyes on this baby one fateful night in Forever 21. I have been on the hunt for a denim jumpsuit for over a year, no lie, and I finally found one lingering on the rack. I love that it's so comfortable and roomy and for less than $35 I knew I hit the jackpot.

I know you all are tired of this damn hat, but that beach life meant terrible hair which in turn equaled the infamous hat being worn. Plus, it's just so damn cute!


Didn't take too many photos, but here are the ones I captured. Enjoy!
Dinner at The Stray Dog in New Buffalo

Now that I'm back home, I still intend on fully enjoying my last days of freedom by continuing to soak up the sun!


How do you all plan to spend your last days of summer?? Any vacation plans? Comment below!


  1. I love the hat im not tired of it yet! LOL. I'm jealous your vacation looked so relaxing!

    1. So glad you're not tired of it yet because you'll probably see it a lot more! Ha! And it was very relaxing :)

  2. Love the hat and the jumper! You styled this look nicely! I'm right there with you wishing everyone a happy Monday for a few more weeks lol!

    1. Thank you!! I really liked this combo too. And man, our time is winding down lol.


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