Saturday, May 7, 2016

How to Style Up a Graphic Tee

Hello lovelies!

Please do not yell at me! I know I have been gone for a quite a long time. To be honest, I was extremely busy and stressed out due to my career so I was forced to take a hiatus. But, alas, I am here simply because I love you all too much to completely disappear :) 

On to the outfit!

When I saw this Straight From the Go t-shirt on Windy City Live and heard the backstory behind it, I knew I had to have it. I'm always down to rep my city and promote black entrepreneurs. The creator of the shirt is a high schooler; like, how awesome is that?! On top of supporting the t-shirt creator, I also supported a local boutique called Belle Up which is the cutest boutique ever! And, once again, it is owned by a young black woman. Gotta support our own, right?! 

I have been tying a plaid shirt around my waist quite a bit lately and I'm not sure why but it has become my "thing". It was pretty chilly so I threw on my favorite knee high boots and for a crisp look I paired the shirt with my white jeans. 

I felt really edgy chic, as a friend perfectly put it, and to top it all off I added my favorite hat and my Flight jacket from yet another local brand, PRSVR.

Just a few items can take a t-shirt from blah to aaaaaahhhh with little effort. You can easily jazz up a simple t-shirt with statement jewelry, but being as how I'm not much of a jewelry person I like to add a hat for edginess. Last time I wore this outfit, I wore it with my favorite red Chuck Taylors for a casual look. It's really about adding in your personality to make your look unique. 


What are some things you add to style up your t-shirts? Comment below! 

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