Hugged by Lo

What is 'Hugged by Lo'?: 
Hello, everyone! So, I have decided to create a place where people can come and share their thoughts. Too often people hold everything inside, yearning for someone to talk to, or to have a shoulder to cry on; well, I am here to be that proverbial shoulder. I know, personally, I like for someone to just listen and for me to just let it all out. I always feel so much better when I get something off my chest. Of course there are times where I really want some unbiased, authentic advice and sometimes it may be hard to get that from our close friends/family. Not only will this be a place where you can vent and ask for advice, but I want this to also be a place where you can ask me questions about different topics. I like to think that by having two children, under the age of three, and being in a relationship, that I have some experience in the areas of motherhood and relationships. Now, this is not to say that I am an expert, because that I am not. I am simply a person who can share her experiences with breastfeeding, potty training, dealing with two kids without losing my mind (yeah, right), making sacrifices in a relationship, and to trying to come up with cool healthy dishes. And let's not forget about fashion! That's right! I'd be remiss if I didn't give fashion advice or just be that person who you share your latest fashion purchases with. Basically, I want to be that "friend in your head". So, where does the "Hugged by Lo" come from? Well, for starters, my name is Lauren and my nickname is Lo. Also, I am a very loving person by nature and as soon as I meet you, nine times out of ten I will give you a hug by the end of our exchange. I honestly think that hugs can cure a lot. The power of a hug is huge, they can be so healing and most of all they make you feel loved. So, at the end of every response to your wonderful comments/submissions, you will receive a heartfelt hug.

How this will work:

This page can only survive if I have submissions, of course. To submit your story, simply email me at In your email, you should state whether you are just venting and do not desire any advice or if you do want advice. After receiving your email, I will then post your story to this page along with my response. Now, I know that while we may want to open up to others, we may feel ashamed about what we share and therefore don't want our names to be made public. That is completely okay with me. All you will  have to do is make sure you state that you want this post to be anonymous.


I must state once again that I am NOT a professional counselor or an expert in this field. I am just a person who would like to give general advice and words of encouragement to those who seek it. If professional help is needed, please contact the appropriate national help lines. If I feel that your story is one that needs professional help, I will suggest that you reach out to a help line and provide you with the appropriate contact information. Also, I am one person, so if submissions become overwhelming, please excuse me if it takes a while to post your story and a response.

Now let's get started!


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